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Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. Introduction The Brand Lab B.V. is committed to providing excellent customer service and resolving any disputes that may arise in a fair and efficient manner. To promote customer satisfaction and avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings, we offer an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process as an alternative means of resolving disputes related to our consumer electronics products and services.
  2. Scope This ADR policy applies to all consumer disputes arising from the purchase, use, or warranty of The Brand Lab B.V. 's products or services. It covers disputes related to product defects, performance issues, refunds, warranties, or any other consumer-related matters.
  3. ADR Procedures 3.1. Mediation: Mediation is a voluntary process where an impartial third party, the mediator, facilitates communication and negotiation between the parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator does not impose a decision but assists the parties in finding a mutually agreeable solution.

3.2. Arbitration: Arbitration is a process where an independent arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, chosen by mutual agreement or a designated arbitration institution, reviews the evidence and arguments presented by both parties and renders a binding decision. The decision of the arbitrator(s) is final and enforceable.

  1. Initiating ADR 4.1. Initial Contact: In case of a dispute, customers are encouraged to first contact our customer support team to seek resolution. Most disputes can be resolved through direct communication and clarification of the issue.

4.2. ADR Request: If the dispute remains unresolved after initial contact, the customer may request ADR by submitting a written request to The Brand Lab B.V.. The request should include a concise description of the issue, relevant documentation, and the desired resolution.

4.3. ADR Process: Upon receipt of the ADR request, The Brand Lab B.V. will promptly acknowledge the request and initiate the ADR process. We will work with the customer to determine the most suitable ADR method (mediation or arbitration) based on the nature and complexity of the dispute.

  1. ADR Principles 5.1. Confidentiality: All ADR proceedings and related communications shall be treated as confidential by both parties and the appointed mediator or arbitrator(s), unless otherwise required by law.

5.2. Fairness: The ADR process shall be conducted in a fair and impartial manner, allowing both parties an opportunity to present their case and provide relevant evidence.

5.3. Compliance: Both parties agree to comply with the decisions or settlements reached through the ADR process, whether through mediation or arbitration.

5.4. Cost Allocation: The costs associated with the ADR process, including mediator or arbitrator fees, shall be shared equally between The Brand Lab B.V. and the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    1. Exclusions This ADR policy does not cover disputes involving criminal activities, personal injury claims, or matters beyond the scope of consumer-related issues with The Brand Lab B.V.'s products or services.
    2. Effect on Legal Rights The ADR process provided under this policy is voluntary and does not affect the customer's legal rights or remedies. The customer retains the right to pursue legal action if they choose not to participate in or are dissatisfied with the outcome of the ADR process.
    3. Governing Law and Jurisdiction This ADR policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where The Brand Lab B.V. is located. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that jurisdiction.
    4. Contact Information For ADR requests or further information regarding our ADR process, please contact:

      The Brand Lab B.V. 
      Hoofdweg 370, 2908LC Capelle aan den IJssel

      +31 85 1301459

      By implementing this Alternative Dispute Resolution policy, we aim to provide a fair and accessible mechanism for resolving consumer disputes promptly and cost-effectively, fostering positive relationships with our valued customers.